quinta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2012

... and it shone as bright as the sky ...

Browsing a little through the web, I remember on of my favorites parts of The Silmarillion, from the Master JRR Tolkien:

As an exercise to those who read the book, try to remember where it came from.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Just started playing this game. Seems promising and honors the dungeon crawling spirit of the first games back in the 90's, but so far it has tremendous flaws.

First, I know that my reflexes are s*** and I'm a bad action game player, but is it that hard to jump back on feet quicker when you fall down, like, before beeing ganged by four minions and a boss? It's not like 5 seconds is a long time to do so.

Also, what a horrible camera. The zooming sometimes put your view facing walls that you can't change unless you switch to another camera mode (which also don't help you overcome your puzzle) and switch back. The panoramic view also hardly helps you see the totality of the area for it does not allow zooming or direction changes.

And really, the story makes you laugh sometimes. When you finally find the (hot busty with minimal clothes) princess she demands that you give back the Dagger you stole to reverse the havoc, to which you reply "Sorry, after what I saw now I'll trust no one". Then when you both get attacked by gigantic bugs, you readly and valiantly cry for her to run and hide while screamming "I'LL FIND YOU FARRAH!!!". Really? Find someone you just said you don't trust?

Above: Indian princess

But the old Prince of Persia spirit is still there. I'll just need a helluva patience to go through all those cameras. Might be worth some posts later.